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Commercial lock out

Lost bunch of keys and one of them was a key for your business? 

NO worries, we know that walk in customer based business required doors to be open right on business hours. So every hour delayed is money lost. 

We arrive under 30 minutes day or night! 

We always try to save your existing lock by picking it which %80 of time is a fact. Sometimes we have to drill it. Always depends

Call us 346 777 8777 and tell "Emergency Locksmith" and we stop all ongoing projects to dispatch right away.

Unlock Commercial Locks

Round shaped lock on store front doors are common 

Sometimes lever handle of commercial grade which is harder, and if it is high security lock then even more harder


Unlock Internal Office Lock

Most of the time it is lever handle of commercial grade and less often simple handles. 


Unlock Commercial Safe

Commercial Safes are heavy and highly secured. Most if the time bolted to the ground which makes jobs harder. 

We always try to pick the combination, but success rate is low, so we eventually cut it or drill 

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