Locked out of Vehicle?

Everyday we are in a rush. Got to do this or that. Especially living in a city such as Houston or surrounding areas you always have to drive. Go to work to Houston downtown, after work pick up kids from school at Cypress and then go to HEB nearby. So every action requires you to park a car and lock the door and sometimes locking is against you? 

Bad days happens to a locksmith technician him or herself. Believe or not me myself was locked out once in memorial area while trying to perform commercial lock change

No worries since we can fix situation under 30 mins %95 of the time. No damage at all.

Just call us 346 777 8777

How to unlock a car?

Most of the time we use professional Slim Jim Tools and some of the cars we do by picking the lock.  

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 3.54.05 PM.png

The reason you should not try to unlock a car yourself

Do not put cloth hanger or pliers. Everything besides professional locksmith tools will just leave scratches, dents and tear rubber that keeps water from coming in or wind blowing like crazy on highway. Call us for best locksmith in Houston tx. We are nearest car unlock service company