Install Dead Bolt or Door Knob

There are hundreds of dead bolts or door knobs such as kwikset, schlage or even premium one baldwin 

There are two options you can choose. How to choose the best lock?

Step 1: Tell us what brand and color you want 

Step 2: We bring it, install it, rekey it and adjust the latch 

Note: You can also buy yourself whatever brand you prefer which we really encourage to make sure you enjoy your new lock however you should mind that we do not take responsibility for the lock you buy.

* We can install your lock, but cannot promise it will work for example after a month?

* We can install your lock, but found out that cannot match for the same key because you ordered wrong keyway model. So we will charge extra for coming back again 

How to install dead bolt

Dead bolt is not an airplane but there are some parts you have to do right, also drilling and grinding can be necessary from time to time.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 9.05.14 PM.png

How to install door knob

Most importantly our job is to make sure door knob aligned well with dead bolt and door closes all the way to the frame so no dust or wind pass through. We cannot promise that no whole or gap will be there, since everything depends who installed the door and frame

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 9.06.13 PM.png