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Locked out of House 

5 steps to follow when locked out

Step 1: Take a phone and find a locksmith with 5 stars rating (if you see this then you can skip this part since you already got this well)

Step 2: Technician will call you back to confirm address and you can briefly describe the locks and situation overall

Step 3: Prepare any type of paperwork in order to prove that you live there or authorized to enter.

Step 4: Technician will arrive under 30 minutes and after checking locks technician will tell how locks will be unlocked (picked or drilled) and give pricing based on complexity

Step 5: After you safely back home, you can ask technician to install you new lock and give several key copies so that you never lock yourself up again

Note: We can drill the lock and rekey your old key so that it can open a new hardware. 

How to unlock dorn knob

Dorn Knob is round shape lock usually below dead bolt. 

We do not recommend unlocking using basic tools such as credit card or knife. That way you damage frame and lock keyway.

In case keyway is damaged or something stuck in there technician will have to perform extra work which means higher estimate.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 5.20_edited.jpg

Dead bolt locked

Dead bolt has meaning of dead, like solid locked. Latch is not movable and harder to unlock

Most of the time we can unlock dead bolt without damaging it absolutely zero damage.

While most apartment complexes have smart dead bolt instaleed that is only to drill. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 5.28_edited.jpg

Yale no physical key or Lockly Keypads 

Yale has no keyway so means cannot pick it. There are some way to do though without destroying it. Other type of locks such as kwikset or schlage that has a hole to put a key have high chance of unlocking without drilling it. 

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