House Locks Rekey / Change

Bought a new house which means it is a right time to rekey all locks. You never know who had the access to your new home. We will make sure you previous keys won't work - what a peace of mind!

Lost house keys and we can never know if someone might used them to enter your home! Moreover, if they been stolen we highly recommend to rekey all locks and would be extra to install more locks such as hidden dead bolt

Rekey locks

Classic scenario is you just received hundreds of house keys that open hundreds of doors. Eventually will be spending years of your life figuring which is the right key

Call us to rekey all your locks for a same key. Any brand including kwikset, schlage and more. 


Install hidden dead bolt

Did you know that we do fresh installations? Hidden dead bolt is one the popular request and we totally encourage it.

Hidden dead bolt has a thumb turn from inside and nothing from outside. So whoever wants to break in will never know how to do that because they don't see the lock.

It is a best extra security. We also do fresh installation on metal, concrete or wood surfaces including commercial doors