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How to choose a best locksmith?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

When you call a locksmith company, most of dispatchers can give you only the starting price for the service you need while some give a range. A more accurate price will be provided by a technician after he figures out the specifics of the requested service, hour, service area, and emergency. However, Max Key Locksmith do belong to "some" categories where price is approximately estimated so customer can figure if they can handle the service cost. No surprises.

How much locksmith cost?

It is hard to tell an accurate answer about how much a locksmith costs. The reason for this situation is not a secret. Locksmith prices always depend on lots of factors: individual customer circumstances, time and place, difficulty level, and lots of others! Call us for details!

Why Are The Prices So Different?

So, why locksmith prices are so different? There are a lot of aspects that make the locksmith price vary. Every situation is different and we never know all the details of needed service. For example, you hire a locksmith to open a locked door but your situation is complicated, so you need a lock replacement (just lockout is much cheaper than lock replacement). Your location also has a significant effect on the price, if you are very rural, or in the city center, it always influences the price. Is your call an emergency? It always may cost more.

Second example are commercial locks. Some businesses have so much expensive inventories and it is pretty risky to install regular simple locks since it's easier to brake in. In this case there are high security locks available. The lock price itself usually over 200$ and increased labor for extra work associated with locks.

Third example, you may choose aftermarket car key or original key from manufacturer. Price difference might be 3 times.

Have any questions about car locksmith prices? How much is a locksmith for a car. Remember that your car’s make, model, and year always influence the car locksmith cost.


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