Keys in the Trunk

Keys locked inside the trunk? 

According to out observations, %99 of time it happens during shopping process, in the parking lot. This happens exactly when you try to allocate all bags in the right position so nothing spills or rolls over, and guess what?


That bulky set of keys are not fitting hands, so temporarily putting them aside and slam the trunk while keys busted in tears watching you leaving them. It is time to call us - 346 777 8777. Some of the trunk lock mechanism are not allowing to open trunk from driver side. Neither back seat would inclide so you can sneak in. You MUST have a key to get it open. Our professional locksmith technician can perform this task. Whether it is mersedes or bwm trunk, call us for details.


Quick tip: too many keys and even more locks that have different keys? Make it less with us. We can change or rekey all locks for one key or make one key fob that would have buttons and metal key itself hidden inside and pops up whenever you push side button to start a car 

Trunk Unlocking Service

Lock mechanisms are different from car to car. Especially when it comes to older model cars